As we are in our break from the book of James, we’re continuing our series on the Glory of God today by looking into the small book of Habakkuk located in that section called the Minor Prophets, which sadly, no one ever reads.

I stated last week that gazing at or laboring to get a glimpse at the Glory of God is the most practical thing anyone can ever do. Habakkuk will teach us this anew. One of the ways the small prophetic book of Habakkuk does this is its personal tone. Most of the other prophetic books are very impersonal, you don’t hear a lot about the prophet himself. Usually what we find is God speaking through the prophet to His people dealing with their sin. Habakkuk is not God speaking through His prophet to His people about their issues, it’s God speaking to His prophet and God dealing with Habakkuk’s issues. It is in this way that God means to encourage His people. You see Habakkuk had issues, questions, concerns, and problems. His issues were so large, gigantic, and overbearing that it prompted Habakkuk to do what no prophet of God should ever do, complain. Out of his own frustration rose two main questions he demanded God to answer: 1) God, where are You? and 2) God, why are You doing this?

So right away this is where the small book meets us. Do you have issues, problems, questions, or concerns? What in your life right now seems so large, gigantic, overbearing, and unresolvable that you find yourself growing angry, depressed, confused? Are these issues causing you to ask God the same questions Habakkuk was? I know it may be painful to do, but dig down deep, look over the walls you’ve built up, and get those things that have brought, or are bringing you pain, tears, and sleepless nights in view. Dredge them up from the pits you’ve placed them, put them in front of your face – and get ready, God is about to deal with them. God is about to deal with us.

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