Not sure if you knew it or not, but we are currently in the best time of the year, where the best sporting event ever takes place from July 5th to July 27th. Of course I’m talking about the famous Tour de France cycling race where 198 of the worlds top cyclists race 2,276 miles over France. Divided into 21 stages, racing at speeds of 35-60 mph for 5 hours a day, there are few events like it. What’s fascinating to me is the bikes they ride. Except the chain, the bikes are entirely made out of carbon fiber, weighing only about 12-15 lbs. each. The coolest thing about the bikes to me is that they’ve got special pedals, which require special shoes because the bottoms of the shoes actually clip into the pedal so the foot is securely fastened to the bike. This allows you to not only push the pedals down, but pull the pedals up as well. Thus, when a cyclist masters the art of pushing up and pulling down on the pedals at the same time it is a wonder to see how fast they go.

As we jump into James 1:19-25, here’s what I want you to think of – the Christian life is just like that. The Christian life is just like two pedals on a bike. When they work in tandem it’s a wonder to behold. What are the two pedals on the bike of the Christian life? There both in our text today, they are “know the Word” and “do the Word.”

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