I wonder, how many of you would consider yourselves “respectable?” You know, proper, decent, suitable, well-thought-of, maybe even reputable. I think this is a funny idea because it’s so relative. There’s not much objectivity to the word. What may be respectable here could be completely out of order in another context. One we determine respectability in our culture is who we hang around. It’s clear is it not – in our context if one see’s you with a group of rich corporate types you’ll normally be thought of as entirely respectable, but if one see’s you with a group of homeless people you’ll be thought of as indecent, or improper. Why is this? Because in our culture we honor and esteem the rich while we demean and degrade the poor. Is it any different in the Church? It should be, but I’m not so sure it is. I think we’ve all got a desire to be seen as “entirely respectable.” God has a word for us. 

Our text this morning is James 2:1-13. In these 13 verses there are 4 movements, and as you read the passage it seems that all 4 of these movements are progressing and increasing in momentum toward one reality. We’ll get to the massive reality, but we must go through the movements to do it, so we’ll take them one at a time.

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