We have arrived, finally, at the end of the book of James. For 6 months we together have sat under all 108 verses from James the brother of Jesus. I am proud of you guys for sticking in there for these past 6 months as we have trekked through James.

I think it is true to say that James has brought us to the full gamut of emotions: we’ve been comforted, challenged, and convicted. James has spoken to us about many problems within our own community and more importantly he has spoken to us about many problems within our own hearts: sinful speech, disobedience, unconcern about others, lack of love, worldliness, quarrelling, suffering, sovereignty, prayer, riches, poverty, and arrogance. Now to end he encourages every believer to take the initiative to bring back the wanderer who has ‘wandered away from the truth’ that he has spent 5 chapters explaining. So, people of God hear the Word of God, James 5:19-20 says,

“My brothers, if anyone among you wanders from the truth and someone brings him back, let him know that whoever brings back a sinner from his wandering will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins.”

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