One of the reasons I love going to the movies so much is…previews.

I am almost as excited to see what’s coming soon, as I am to watch the movie I came to see. Why? Because, a preview is a glimpse, a sneak-peek, a foretaste of the greater reality to come. In the preview, one gets to see a bit of something that has not arrived on the scene yet. It creates anticipation and a longing to see the full reality and full show come out. Jonah is a preview too. We’ve gone through the whole book of Jonah over the past 4 weeks, and as I told you before a few times, we’re not done with Jonah when we reach the end of Jonah 4. There is one more very important “Jonah moment” in redemptive history that we find in Matthew’s gospel. And what we find in Matthew’s gospel not only tells us the reason why Jonah is a preview of the greater reality to come, Matthew’s words about Jonah give us a framework to place the whole of the Bible into. I want to begin by showing you this framework and then from the text, show you our last Jonah moment.


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