We’ve come to the end of Nahum, and I have to commend you all for being attentive to the preaching of God’s Word through what are by and large ignored books of the Bible. Today makes it an 8-week travel through the small books of Jonah and Nahum, and Lord willing, next Sunday we’ll settle in for 6-month long haul in the New Testament letter of James. But today we turn our attention to Nahum 3:1-19.

I wonder if you feel it? Do you notice the disconnect between our culture and the message of Nahum? I mean, doesn’t it feel foreign? For three chapters now we’ve walked through the world of Nahum and seen firsthand things we don’t normally see, or perhaps things we like to ignore in our day: judgment, war, poverty, murder, jealousy, and death.

But is this not in the Word of God? Indeed it is, and thus it is not only for us, it is a gift to us from God that we shouldn’t ignore meant to teach us innumerable things about our God and ourselves.

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