When I was growing up cars fascinated me. How they looked…how they worked…not to mention how fast they could go. My parents got me a pickup truck when I was 17 and as soon as I began driving it I began to tinker with it, seeing what I could do by myself to sup it up and make it better and more powerful. To learn about my truck and cars in general I took the automotive class every semester at my high school, and I even got a job at the local quick-lube to gain more mechanical knowledge. I began learning, growing in my knowledge of engines, transmissions, cooling systems, power steering, etc, and everything was going fine until one day our automotive teacher began teaching us about brakes, not just brakes in particular, but drum brakes, you know the old-fashion kind? Well, I was put in front of a drum brake on an old vehicle, warned that there’s lots of pressure inside them, and as soon as opened up the cover tons of tiny little pieces flew everywhere! Springs, clips, brake shoes, nuts, bolts, and all sorts of parts I had never seen before were shooting past my head and out into the shop. It immediately stressed me out, because I not only had to find all those parts that flew out of the drum brake, I had to re-assemble the brake without having ever seen it put together in the first place! I never figured it out. There were just too many parts and too much high-tension clips and springs that wouldn’t go back into place. It was a disaster.

Our text today, Colossians 1:9-14, is similar to that drum brake. Looking at this text I feel a similar form of angst coming over me because there’s simply so much here before us and I want to faithfully get to it all. But, as opposed to the futility and the stress of re-assembling that drum brake, the more one walks through this text the more beauty and glory there is to behold. So may God help us today as we open His Holy and inspired Word.

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