We live in a day where truth is thought of as relative. For something to be true, someone just has to think it’s true, and this changes for each person. What’s true for you is true for you, and what’s true for me is true for me. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Sounds all warm and fuzzy. I hope you’ve haven’t been duped by the idea of relative or subjective truth. Think about the 10 commandments in regard to relative truth.

Specifically think about the 8th commandment where God forbids theft. Picture yourself conversing with someone who believes truth changes from person to person, that we’re all free to make our own choices about right and wrong. You know how to change their mind? Steal their wallet, and watch what they do. All of sudden the very same person who just said we’re all free to make our own choices of right and wrong will believe that it’s very wrong for you to steal from them. Could you not legitimately say, “Why are you getting all bent out of shape? If truth is relative, theft may not be virtuous for you, but it is for me, so who are you to tell me I’m wrong?”

Regardless of what our mouths say we believe, the law of God is written on our hearts because we’re made in His image, we all naturally know what is right and wrong.

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