This coming week will mark our 1 year anniversary of being in Florida, and one of the things I didn’t expect about Florida is the intensity of the mosquitoes. Does that surprise you? Do you guys have trouble with this too? Back in Georgia I never had to worry about them, I never wore bug spray, and could go outside at any time, day or night, and not be bothered at all. But that’s not the story here. Here when I go outside for any prolonged amount of time after about 5pm it’s like a feeding frenzy! And the crazy thing is that not just mosquitoes bite me! It’s mosquitoes, no-see-ums, gnats, and their whole extended family; it seems like everything that flies wants a piece of me! Here, I can’t go outside without bug spray or long sleeves, and I actually find myself avoiding the outside in the evening simply because I don’t want to be eaten alive!

Now, I think you and I are just like mosquitoes but rather than swarming around humans and sucking their blood, you and I swarm around lies, deceit, and dishonesty. Why? There’s something about lies, deceit, dishonesty, and gossip that we just can’t resist. We have to know the dirt on other people, we have to know the latest gossip and than go gossip to others about it. Rather than being people who are concerned about truth we seem to be people who soak up falsehood like a sponge.

John Calvin said it best, “Too many of us delight in a certain poisoned sweetness.”

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