I really like fire (I know it’s weird, but I do). Staring at it, jumping over it, making campfires bigger and bigger…I love fire. Do you? Think about this, where is fire good? A fireplace. If fire is in the fireplace it is not only good, it’s very good. It warms the whole house, provides an environment where people can gather round to enjoy each other’s company, it exposes and chases away the cold. Fire in the fireplace is a good thing. Think about the opposite, where is fire bad? Anywhere but the fireplace! Fire out of the fireplace burns/destroys/torches anything and everything it touches. Fire out of the fireplace doesn’t gather people in warmth around the home, but chases people away from its danger.

Keep the imagery of fire in mind. We have a hard subject before us today, which I presume will be very hard for some of you to hear. The 7th commandment is about our adulterous ways, and this is why I began with fire because the root of adultery is just that…a flame, a flicker, a spark…and if this flame is allowed to exist or grow outside the fireplace of marriage, it does one thing very well: destroys.

I just have a question for you today as we begin: are any of you doing this? How many of you, right now, are trying to light a fire outside the fireplace? Any of you making plans to run off with someone else? Any of you covertly planning to meet a secret lover? I wonder how many of you looked at porn this week? How many of you lingered in the eyes of a co-worker longer than you should have recently? Do you some of you enjoy lighting little fires here and there to keep things exciting? Perhaps some of you really do believe what Elton John sang in 1978, ‘Everybody needs a part-time love.’

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