I am not a fisherman. My Dad always took me fishing when I was a little kid, and after getting my line caught on something on the bottom of the river or caught in a tree, I would get frustrated, bored, and would eventually end up putting my fishing pole down and picking up rocks to throw into the water. Fishing has never really been much fun for me. But on my 7th birthday My Dad to the best fishing spot in the world, a small stocked pond. The fish were everywhere and they were so eager to bite you barely had to drop your bait in the water and you’d catch a fish! It was the most fun I’d ever had fishing in my entire life. If only other rivers, ponds, and oceans were as easy to fish in. But they’re not, and thus, I’m not really that into fishing.

You ever thought of Satan as a fisherman? He is. He has bait, and with his bait he seeks to lure us out to our death. Ultimate deception is his aim, and just as fishing in the stocked pond was easy as pie, Satan doesn’t have to put much bait on his hook because our nature wants to bite. Have you ever thought that? Have you ever thought of what kind of waters Satan likes to fish in? Puritan pastor Thomas Watson put it like this, “Satan loves to fish in the troubled waters of a discontented heart.”

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