I like the name Adam, I always have. My parents chose well. I like my last name, Powers. It’s a strong name, though at times it has brought me the occasional Austin Powers joke. My middle name is another story, I have not always liked it. Perhaps some of you don’t even know it. My full name is Adam Whitney Powers. I have known a handful of Whitney’s in my life, and yes most of them were female and you can imagine why I disliked Whitney when I was young because clearly I am not female. But as I grew older and more mature I came to love my middle name because it isn’t a name you hear everyday, it’s unique, it’s rare, and therefore it’s grown very special to me. So the answer to the popular question, ‘What’s in a name?’ is clear – a lot!

How much more so when God Himself tells us His name and than commands us to treat it properly? When it comes to the 3rd commandment most people think it’s the only commandment that’s easy to keep. We think this because when we hear God tell us to not take His name in vain most of us think it means that instead of saying ‘Oh God!’ or ‘Jesus Christ!’ when we stub our toe or get angry in traffic we should say ‘gosh!’ or ‘geez!’ or whatever you want to fill in the blank with. Just as long as we don’t use God’s name as a curse word, we’re in the clear right? Wrong. Very wrong.

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