This past Sunday I was out of town at a family reunion, so you had the privilege of hearing the preaching of one of my close friends Matt Noble.  Matt is the Young Adult Pastor at First  Baptist Wesley Chapel and the Senior Administrative Assistant at Trinity College of Florida. Matt has a passion to know Jesus better and to preach the Word of God as faithfully as he can.  He and his wife Rachel have been a great encouragement to Holly and I ever since we’ve known them.  I’m sorry I wasn’t there with you to hear him preach – I know it was a treat.

Here is Matt’s big idea: In Paul’s day there was no lack of racial and social tensions. The same can be said of the day we live in. Paul’s answer is that “Christ is all and in all” (Col 3:11). This is the gospel truth that we hold to today in order to realize that there are no true racial or social barriers that separate us. We are all one in Christ and therefore our lives should reflect that truth.

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