“When Jesus said to the paralytic “Take up your bed and walk’ (Mark 2:9), Jesus healed the man with the ease of His omnipotent power. But when He said “Son, your sins are forgiven” (Mark 2:5), there was no ease involved. The deeper healing of the forgiveness of sin, cost Him His very life on the cross. So Church, we have gathered together on this special occasion for one purpose: to look back and remember an execution. This execution not only changed the world when it happened, it’s still changing the world today. It was full of sorrow, agony, darkness, and death. Yet it was also used by God to bring joy, praise, light, and life.

Tonight is a celebratory occasion (for the cross is the launching pad that ultimately gets us to Easter morning) but is also a solemn occasion (for it involved the sinless Son of God becoming sin and being forsaken by God for us).” (R. Kent Hughes) To press into these things, I’d like to show you the Gravity and Gladness of Good Friday from Job 9.

Pastor Adam did not use notes for this sermon, you’ll find the audio above.

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