This week the guys take a minute and discuss mental health in the lives of pastors. Specifically in this episode the guys will discuss what role friendships can play in helping pastors work through struggles.

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  1. Good Morning, A2 !
    I have just finished listening to your podcast concerning Pastoral Mental Health. Among much information, I particularly found Adam’s statement of his being an introvert, and Andrew describing the differences in being a “single” pastor, and the ease of which building a relationship with the churches single group. What came to mind is how many the pastor will put on his joyful face when there exists an unhappy circumstance or worrisome issue in his life. Personally, I can see that necessity. After all, you are an example of God’s teaching…trust Him! The mask is okay as long as you have a good support system (3 friends or a Christian Counselor) and utilize it. God has called you both to His work and work it is. Just know your sheep love you and trust your expository preaching and teaching of God’s gospel.

    Happy Pastor’s month.
    In great gratitude,


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