Evening= Historic Faith: Three Pillars of a New World

Pillar 1: Preaching- John Chrysostom (349-407) •    Born around 349, to a widowed 20 yr old mother named Anthusa (her late husband Secundus was a High-ranking government official). She never remarried and made it her goal in life to train her son in the ways of the Lord and pray that he would grow in…

Evening= Habits of Grace: Belong to His Body (Pt. 1)

As we begin our final section on the Spiritual Disciplines we turn to the importance of living out the faith in community. This week Specifically we address why the body of Christ is an essential element to our spiritual health and how we each contribute to the overall health of the local body. Take a…

Evening: Job 21

This week's evening service was preached by one of our Pastoral Apprentices: Michael Joas. One of the things we love to do at SonRise is give our apprentices opportunities to hone their gifts through preaching in our evening services. Take a listen as Mike unpacks for us Job's response to Zophar in chapter 21.

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