Over the last several years, SonRise Community Church has called upon Baylight to assist in providing care for its members. As such, Baylight & SonRise are partnering to help support the needs of the greater New Port Richey Area.

For those in the greater New Port Richey community who may be hearing of Baylight Counseling for the first time, Baylight is a donor-supported Christian nonprofit organization that specializes in providing front line Christian counseling services. Cases they most typically see involve marital issues, depression and anxiety, emotional or spiritually related trauma (i.e. abuse, death of loved one, etc.), pornography addiction, anger, faith-based concerns, adoption related concerns, family counseling, and more.

Baylight’s fees are $65.00 per 50-minute session.

They do not offer a sliding scale per se, but they have never turned anyone away due to financial concerns. Thanks to  generous donor support, they will work with those who cannot meet established rate. They also welcome sponsorships from a person’s home church, friends, or family members.

Baylight’s Commitment

Our commitment is to serve the local church by caring for souls in accordance with the Scriptures. While our counselors have chosen to not pursue state licensure with respect to ethical-biblical concerns, we are happy to work with a person’s medical team, should they require such care.

Our approach is never heavy-handed, but we are committed to the restoration of biblically defined hope in the lives of those struggling with life-dominating circumstances, whether sin or suffering, through a holistic ministry of God’s word that always points the counselee to the Lord Jesus Christ.

To learn more about our doctrinal commitments, please click HERE.

To learn more about our ethical commitments, please click HERE.

To learn more about our mission, vision, and values, please click HERE.

To contact us, please click HERE.

Or visit the webiste to schedule an appointment: http://www.baylightcounseling.com/

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