I invite you to turn your Bibles to 2 Samuel 9, go ahead and turn there if you’ve got your Bibles.  Before I read and we get into our text let me set the stage. By the time we come to 2 Samuel 9 we have seen King David experience a massive breadth of life. We saw him get anointed as King, we saw him slay the champion Goliath, we saw him serve King Saul, develop a life changing friendship with Saul’s son Jonathan, we saw him as a fierce warrior against Israel’s enemies, we saw him run away to save his life as King Saul tried to kill him at least twice, and we saw him grieve the deaths of King Saul and Jonathan as they died in war. We then see young David become King David, we see him continue as a fierce warrior against Israel’s enemies bringing peace to the neighboring regions for the first time in ages. We see the stunning Lord of Glory, the King whom David bow’s and submits to enter into covenant with David and establish what we know as the “Davidic Covenant.” David has run almost the entire gamut of what one can experience in life up until this point: joy, despair, happiness, fear, trust, betrayal, faithfulness, loss, victory, peace, and rest. Now we can get into 2 Samuel 9, follow along as I read.

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