After God liberated Israel from Egypt, redeeming them from slavery, He brought them out to Mt. Sinai by where He then introduces Himself to them. The first thing these free people hear is God declaring who He is and who they are; He is Yahweh the one true God – their Redeemer. They used to be slaves, now they are free – they are the redeemed. Thus Israel was given a sure identity in the redemptive grace of God before they were commanded to do anything for this God. They were reminded that it was God’s work that saved them from Egypt not their own. And that because their relationship with God began with God’s work and not their own, that relationship was always secure and would never change. He would always be their God, and they would always be His people. After giving His people this new identity God then commands His people to live within a specific activity.

They then hear the 1st and greatest of the commandments, Exodus 20:3 which says, “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

Everything has just changed.

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